Turning 39 is scary

Turning 39 sounds scary…the last year of my 30’s and the countdown to 40.  But I’m looking at it as the year of transformation.  I’m very happy with the person I am and the direction my life is going but also I know there is so much that I can improve.  I want to concentrate on transforming all aspects of my life. Physically I want to get in the best shape of my last 20 years – this will involve a strict regimen of working out and eating well.  I want to deal with my stress in a more productive way and not let that stress turn to anger and frustration that I take out on other people.  I want to strengthen my relationships with my family and friends as well as fix broken relationships.  I want to take more chances and not always live in my comfort zone.  I want to reconnect with God especially since the time of my life that I felt most at peace was when I fully trusted in him and the direction he had me going.  I want to next the step in my career and in my living arrangements.  And ultimately I just want to enjoy life to the fullest!!!


#2 – Start the AGE Foundation

Elena & I are excited to announce the creation of the Adrian Andrews Memorial Scholarship at Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School. Our goal is to award a $1500 scholarship to a senior who demonstrates the same attributes that made Adrian a tremendous student and beloved son & brother, and dear friend. We’ve set up a page to keep everyone informed, and share photos & memories.



#20 – Eat at a Top Chef restaurant



Well I took care of #20 on my 38 in 38 bucket list – eating at a Top Chef restaurant.  Last night we had a great meal with 2 of our best friends at Barbuto in NYC.  Barbuto is run by Top Chef master Jonathan Waxman.  The meal was amazing – especially the gnocchi with sweet corn & the skirt steak.  Hopefully I’ll be updating soon with more accomplishments from my bucket list.

38 in 38

I’m back!!!  I fell off the blogging track for quite awhile along with a lot of other things but I now fill rejuvenated and motivated.  Each birthday I make a list of what I’d like to do in the following year and some years I do better than others but I always do accomplish a good amount.  So this year I’ll make it public and keep people informed of how I’m doing – some will be very easy like going to a Top Chef restaurant since we have reservations for Jonathan Waxman’s Barbuto on Friday while others like learning to swim (since it’s my biggest fear and no matter hard I’ve tried it hasn’t happened in 38 years) will be very difficult.  Wish me luck and go make a list for yourself!!!


38 for 38

  1. Get a tattoo
  2. Start the AGE Foundation
  3. Get under 190 pounds
  4. Read 25 Books
  5. Finish all my Spanish lessons
  6. Run a 5k
  7. Learn to swim
  8. Visit somewhere new
  9. Apply to 50 jobs
  10. Organize memory trunk
  11. Make own beer/wine
  12. Go to food/wine festival
  13. Enter a photography/recipe/writing contest
  14. Do NYC Bus Tour
  15. Go to Saturday Night Live
  16. Learn to meditate
  17. Go to Baseball Game
  18. Go to Football Game
  19. Go to Hockey Game
  20. Eat at a Top Chef restaurant
  21. Make Pi Kap photo album
  22. Experience a cool sunset/sunrise
  23. Vacation with friends
  24. Go to a concert
  25. Visit a sports hall of fame
  26. Make 2 new recipes a month
  27. Do a Relay For Life event
  28. Get credit score over 700
  29. Make 50 blog entries
  30. Go to 9/11 memorial to honor my dad
  31. Make a 100 item lifelong bucket list
  32. Go to a zoo
  33. Do a 24 hour fast
  34. Be an extra on TV/Movie
  35. Take an online course
  36. Read the whole bible
  37. Write a letter to my dad
  38. Fix a friendship


It’s hard to believe that you’ve been gone for two years now. I never realized I could feel so much pain, but as you taught me I picked myself up and continued on. I would give anything for one more day with you – to go to a Rangers game, watch the Yankees, have dinner, listen to your amazing stories or just to be able to have you hug me once more. But the most important things aren’t gone – you still listen to my troubles, rejoice in my triumphs, and guide me to be a best man I can be – just it’s not in person anymore. Thank you for teaching me that a hero doesn’t have to be someone you see on TV – it’s the man who changed my diapers, helped with my homework, gave me my love of sports, cheered me on when I graduated high school & college, was my rock when Age died, celebrated my engagement to the love of my life and overcame all odds to watch his baby boy get married. You’ll always be the only hero I need – I love and miss you Pop!!!!


The Greek



The Greek is the best father in law I could ask for.  He tells me incredible stories that remind me of my father’s storytelling and he is always cracking me up.  He’ also one of the hardest workers I know and from what I know he has been forever.  He does this so he can give his family a better life.  He also has treated me with love and respect ever since I met him and after my father passed I couldn’t ask for a better role model or father figure.  Happy belated birthday Greek – We’ll celebrate at the tiny table soon enough.

My 5 Favorite Yankees All Time

5. Mickey Mantle – He was my father’s favorite player so I was always fascinated by him.

4. Don Mattingly – Could of been one of the greatest players ever if not for all his injuries.

3. Willie Randolph – He was easily my favorite player growing up.  I even rooted for him when he became the Mets manager.

2. Mariano Rivera – The greatest closer ever and one of the classiest & hard working players I’ve ever seen.

1. Derek Jeter – In my opinion the greatest Yankee ever & one of the few great players during my lifetime that was never tainted by steroid talk.